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 Virtual Dance Classes

Interactive dance class where every child is seen!


At The Dance Connection we run a hybrid class model. Which means, your child can take any of our dance classes virtually no matter where you live. Click below for the appropriate schedule, or give us a call at (908) 874-8800.

All class times are Eastern Time.

When your child is in a virtual dance class with us they get the same attention and care as if they were in-person. Plus, our care and attention to detail extends to you too! You may not live near us, or even in the same state, but we’re here to help you as if you were our next door neighbor. 

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Dancing Outside the Box?

Are you looking for our popular, all virtual, Dancing Outside the Box classes specifically designed for ages 3, 4 & 5 year olds. Click here for more information.

Grade, Middle & High School?

Your schedule is here. However, you’ll probably want to give us a call at (908) 874-8800 so we can place your child in the correct class.