Somerset County’s Nutcracker

The adventure and excitement of the Nutcracker is a great way to celebrate the holidays! The thrill of seeing a ballet performed live and the imaginative tale of a toy coming to life bring joy to audiences of all ages. Discover the excitement for yourself, and see why families everywhere enjoy this classic ballet every year.

This beautiful tale tells the story of Clara’s Christmas Eve adventures. When she’s given a nutcracker for Christmas she falls immediately in love with it. After falling asleep with her new toy, she wakes up to find that the nutcracker is defending her from an army of mice, led by the Mouse King! After they defeat the Mouse King, her nutcracker becomes a handsome prince! They travel to a magical land where the Sugar Plum fairy invites them to enjoy performances by several unique characters. This magical night ends when Clara awakes, but the joy and adventure can be relived time and time again.

The beauty of live theatre is that each performance is unique. Even with the same cast, no two shows are the same. The energy shared by the cast and the audience create an atmosphere that will never be perfectly duplicated again. Live theatre also presents the thrill of knowing that each leap and pirouette are happening right then and there! Unlike a film where performers are frozen in that moment of perfect execution, watching a show live creates suspense as the audience waits to see what happens next.

Not only is each performance different, but casting also changes the show. Each cast brings something new to the Nutcracker. Each set of dancers bring different takes on characters and a chemistry specific to their cast. Not only does it vary from person to person, but the type of cast can drastically change the performance. Imagine an army of mice played by young dance students marching against an army of toys. Now imagine that army played by professional dancers. That army of mice could even be played by a mixed group. Each of those options presents a new dynamic and creates a different show. No two shows are exactly the same, and the subtle differences make each experience unique.

Enjoy the excitement of seeing each dance and scene as the dancers bring the story to life. The Nutcracker is a diverse show that can be presented in a number of ways. The joyful story of adventure, a prince, and a fantasy world is enjoyable for adults and children alike! Since the ballet is different each time it can be enjoyed over and over, year after year by the students of Hillsborough, Montgomery and the surrounding somerset county.