The Nutcracker Ballet

Perhaps one of the best known holiday stories; A winter tradition for many, the tale of Clara and her Nutcracker is a classic that is enjoyed by audiences of all ages. This holiday story of magic, adventure, and childhood never goes out of style and brings joy to audiences everywhere. The Nutcracker is a fun and versatile show sure to thrill you again and again!

This beautiful tale takes the audience on a magical journey. From a Christmas Eve party with a girl and her broken toy to a fantasy land, it is a story that has been enjoyed by families over and over. It begins with a holiday party where the children receive gifts, and Clara’s new nutcracker is the best of all! After the stroke of midnight, the magic really begins as Clara’s nutcracker defends her from an army of mice led by the Mouse King! With her help, the mice are defeated and the Somerset County Nutcracker turns into a handsome prince! He whisks her away to a magical land where they are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy. After a celebration featuring several wonderful dances, Clara wakes up holding her nutcracker. Even though the dream must end, it’s one worth revisiting again and again to experience the magic of the Nutcracker ballet!

One of the best things about a show like the Nutcracker ballet is that as a live performance it’s a new show every time! Live theatre allows the audience to enjoy the suspense as each lift, pirouette, and leap is executed. The thrill is fresh as the Nutcracker and Clara defeat the Mouse King each time! Even watching a different set of dancers each year can bring joy as new interpretations of the characters are introduced. Like Swan Lake, each performance is both the same and different, making this a perfect ballet to watch time and time again. The show is a versatile one and can be performed by adults, children, or a mix, making it a favorite of dance studios and professional companies alike. The Nutcracker is performed annually in many communities because of its ability to bring joy year after year and involves such a wide variety of performers.

The nutcracker ballet brings back the dreams and adventures of childhood! It has all the best elements of any good story: a daring fight, magical lands and characters, a couple great parties, and a handsome prince! Clara’s dream takes the audience on an amazing journey through the imagination of a child while showcasing the talent of dancers ranging from young students to professionals. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that
The nutcracker ballet is a classic!

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