Ballet Intensive

Ballet Intensive 2020

Ballet Intensive 2020
August 17-27th
$559 for 2 weeks ($298/single week)
This is a ballet intensive for intermediate and advanced dancers. Dancers will take classical ballet technique class, educational classes, variations, and pointe (for those qualifying). This intensive occurs primarily in The Dance Connection’s Open Air Space. Register for Ballet Intensive


Some FAQs regarding the the ballet intensive.

  • Where will the intensive take place? The intensive will take place in both the open air space and the big studio. The open air space can hold 11 students and the big studio can hold 6. We don’t intend to offer a virtual option for the intensive.
  • Who can attend the intensive? Any child in ballet level 5 and above as of the 2019-2020 season.
  • What do dancers do during the intensive? The majority of the intensive will be ballet related. Dancers will take their technique class, education classes, pointe (for those qualifying) and variations. In addition to the ballet program each day the dancers will take a class in Jazz, contemporary or lyrical.
  • What does the intensive costs? The intensive will cost $559 for the 2 weeks. We are no longer offering the ballet and jazz/lyrical intensives separately. The price is the same for all skill levels.
  • How are you dividing up levels? Because we have limited space the students will be divided up into 2 groups at any given time. The intention is to have level A, B & C. Each day level B will combine with a different group. A sample schedule could look like this (We reserve the right to adjust groups as necessary due to dancers’ ability, low enrollment and Covid-19 related issues).
    • Monday (Group 1 – Level A & B, Group 2 – Level C)
    • Tuesday (group 1 – Level a, Group 2 – Level B & C)
  • Eating. Students will eat outside, weather permitting.
  • Who is teaching at the intensive? We intend to have fewer than 6 teachers during the entire run of the intensive. We do this to minimize the number of new people that are interacting with the dancers.
  • Is the intensive mandatory? This year the intensive is not mandatory for Nutcracker or Competition team. However, we strongly recommend the intensive for all dancers of ballet level 5+ so they can perfect their technique and experience what it’s like to dance every day.

Placement is required. Contact us to set up an evaluation.

Covid 19 Alert –  We take many precautions to keep your children safe. In addition, we conduct most of the ballet intensive in our open air space. Watch the video below to see what our Open Air Space looks like.