Why does The Dance Connection’s have one of the best Summer Performing Arts Camps in New Jersey?

There are lots of reasons the Dance Connection day camp is one of the best summer performing arts camps in NJ. Below are just a few. But before you start comparing us to other summer performing arts camps you might want to check out our main performing arts camp page. This page will give you specific information about the age of our campers, dates, costs etc. If you’ve done that already, then by all means continue.

Highly qualified teachers – All of our teachers are adult professionals in their field and have significant experience with kids. For example, art classes are taught by Miss Doreen, a professional local artist, teacher and art therapist. Dance and theatre classes are taught by Mr. David, professional dancer and owner of The Dance Connection. Unlike other summer performing arts camps all dance, singing and art classes at the Dance Connection are taught by adult professionals with years of experience with children. Further more, every staff member gets a background check and all of us are certified in first aid and C.P.R.

Fun and exciting programing – At our summer performing arts camps your child is busy learning new stuff and having fun. Your child’s day will include many diverse activities such as singing, dancing, music, painting, and scene construction. Children help create the concept and dialogue for the end of the week show. They work with other campers and actually get to see their ideas produced and presented to an audience, which is you.

Friday Performances – The end of the week show is such a validating thing for our campers and their families. You get to see what your kids worked on all week and the campers enjoy bringing their parents into the space they created. This performance is free and open to everyone.

Low Student to staff ratio – About one staff member for every 5 campers. Since we only take 30 campers per week every child is seen. We are a small camp which lets us create a special environment where campers and staff can really get to know each other and each child will get plenty of individual attention. Check some other summer performing arts camps and compare.

A safe and healthy environment – All camp activities take place at The Dance Connection of Hillsborough. We have children’s classes here year round and we’ve put a lot of time and effort into making our facility safe and inviting for kids. Our staff knows how to deal with emergencies of all sizes and how to make your child feel comfortable.

You may have looked at a lot of Summer performing arts camps, but if your child hasn’t visited the Dance Connection performing arts day camp then you are in for a pleasant surprise.

If you would like more specific information please visit our performing arts camp page or download a registration form.