A convenient schedule with dance classes in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, dance team. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer who’s been dancing for years or a little dancer who’s just starting out The Dance Connection has a class for you. Just contact us to try a free class. There’s no obligation. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Dance Class Schedules PDFs

First time signing up for dance classes? New to The Dance Connection? Not looking to go crazy with a gazillion dance classes? This schedule has everything except for our team and most advanced classes.
Age/Class Breakdown
A chart that lets you see all the classes appropriate for your child’s age, up to 5th grade

Adult Classes
Open classes for anyone age 19-99. Take a single class or buy a class card. 

For summer sign up for weekly classes just like you would during the school year.
For those on our competition team and in advanced classes. This schedule includes dancelete classes and competition dances.