If you are an adult who wants to get in shape but doesn’t want to deal with the same old boring gym routines, why not try tap dance lessons? Tap dancing has been proven to be beneficial for both building strong cardio as well as encouraging faster weight loss. Adults who take tap dance lessons will find that exercising through dance is more fun than traditional weight loss methods.

Dance Connection

Dance Connection in Hillsborough, New Jersey provides dance education at the highest quality. Our dance classes are both fun and exciting. We feel that dance is a unique and special activity that benefits both children and adults in many ways. When taught properly, dance can increase the body’s awareness, promote brain development and teach healthy habits. As an exercise, dance improves one’s health and aids in promoting strong positive feelings about oneself. Dance is fun, inspirational and can also be good exercise for ones mind. Join us for any of our ballet, jazz, hip hop or tap dance lessons and see for yourself how beneficial dance can be for your body.

Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in the United States and accounts for about 36 percent of all deaths each year. Lack of physical activity is the leading cause of cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and other heart related issues. During just one of our 45 minute tap dance lessons, twice a week is enough to improve your heart’s health. Why is tap dancing one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can get? Because when you tap dance, you are making very small steps at an increased speed. When doing so, your heart rate goes up and is worked a lot more than it might be use to. The average adult can burn between 350-400 calories during a 45 minute tap dance lesson.

Muscle Tone, Strength and Weight Loss

A second benefit to tap dancing is that the dancer is participating in a high energy exercise which works the leg muscles and others throughout the body. As your heart rate goes up, your body requires more oxygen. With this extra oxygen intake, your muscles are able to get the work out they need in order to strengthen and tone. More muscle tone means less body fat.

Tap dancing is a great way for adults to work off extra pounds. The quick movements you will experience while tap dancing are sure to make you work up a sweat. If regularly attended, you can burn up to 800 calories a week during any of our tap dance lessons at Dance Connection. When your body burns calories, you are burning fat.